Saturday, February 27, 2010


Wednesday was my Favorite Brother in Law's birthday.

Blake turned 24.
I felt kind of bad on Wednesday though because none of my family (apart from my sister of course) wished him happy birthday.

Because my sister was planning a suprise party for Friday (yesterday).
we all kind of forgot about his real Birthday.

I think (at least I'm hoping)
we made up for that yesterday.

We all met at TGI Fridays.
When I say all, I mean all 22 of us.

Blake only thought it was him, my sister and my parents.
(My parents always take us out to dinner for our birthday)

Little did he know,
there was about 18 others coming a long.

After dinner,
we all went back to BreeAnn and Blake's house for Ice Cream.

It was fun...
and so was this!

haha mmm....

and I hope my only big brother can forgive us for not talking to him on his actual birthday.


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Diana said...

Andee, I have been a friend of Andrea since college at the U of U. I have LOVED your amazing Spirit and strength. I read your blog from time to time and stay tuned on your goings because of Andrea's. I finally had to make a comment because the world is just so small. I grew up with Blake Hansen and his older siblings my whole life. The Hansen's are such a GREAT family! Who knew that his wife is your sister. I love seeing how you are filled with so much love and strength. Thanks for sharing your experiences with so many that have never met you! But now I feel more of a connection to you because of this world being so small!!