Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Hero


I talk about this little man a lot.
But he seriously is such a sweet kid.
and yes I have another story about him.

So I guess in order to understand this story, you have to hear this one first...
about a year ago I was pregnant.
Joey and I were pretty good buddies.
He came everywhere with me.

on this particular day Joey was helping me clean my room.
I picked up a pile of laundry that I was going to go throw in the wash when I saw a spider from the corner of my eye.

spiders are a HUGE fear of mine.

Joey heard me scream and asked me what was wrong.
I showed him the spider while I attempted to push things away from it so that I couldn't lose sight of it.

Joey (being 3 years old at the time),
goes into my bathroom,
grabs a tissue,
PICKS UP THE SPIDER, Throws it in the toilet and flushes it.

I have to admit I felt somewhat pathetic at the fact that my 3 year old brother could easily pick up a spider and flush it down the toilet while I, 19 years old, couldn't even look at it without almost having a heart attack.
(haha but don't judge. I hate them.)

I then gave Joey a hug after that and told him that he was my spider killing hero.
He liked that and for the next couple of days he went around telling everyone that he was my hero. It was cute.

my fear of spiders has not yet gone away.
So today, when I walked into the bathroom and saw a spider, I FREAKED OUT again.
I grabbed the closest thing in sight..which was a bottle of rubbing alcohol and then a can of hair spray, and I began spraying and pouring it on the spider as it started running around. (This is my way of killing physical contact.)

I remembered the last time I found a spider....
and yelled for Joey.
He came in and when I showed him the spider,
he did the same thing.
After he flushed it I said to him.

"Joey, you're my Hero remember?"
and he said "Yes, I remember. I'm your hero."
I smiled and said yes and then he ran out of the room and told my little brother that he's my hero.

It was cute.
I love the boy.
I love him to pieces.
He is my little spider killing man.

Funny that his favorite superhero is spider man :)


Mrs. Black said...

So cute!

Keara said...

joey is the cutest little boy ever. I just love him too!

cosmic creepers said...

awh...i want a little brother...

emily said...