Saturday, June 5, 2010

May - Funny Converstions

This is a little late!
ha but it's better late than never right!?

Ernesto: Hello?
Me: Hi are you on your way yet?
Ernesto: Are you guys ready for us already?
Me: Yeah, it will be ready in like 10 minutes
Ernesto: Okay we're just leaving the couch.
Me: ....The couch?
Ernesto: Yes
Me: (Laughing) You're just leaving the couch. You're not just leaving the house, you're leaving the couch.
Ernesto: (also laughing)(to someone else) No, she's laughing at me (to me) We have to stop at the bank and then we'll be there.
Natalie: (yelling so they can hear) Hurry up losers!
Me: Natalie says hurry up...but I'm not going to say what she called you cause it was rude.

Through text:

Me: Mckenna! Happy Birthday!
Mckenna (who just turned 12): Thank you!
Me: I wanna take you out for this. When the Heck are you free?
Mckenna: Idk i'm pretty booked. lol I know a lot of people. maybe next week
Me: hahaha you're pretty booked? I feel honored to know you. about next tuesday?
Mckenna: Fo SHO! After school?
Me: Sounds good! What time are you done with school?
Mckenna: I get home about three
Me: Okay let's do...four or five?
Mckenna: okay
Me: You ARE aware that you just Butt called me right?
Mckenna: no i am not lol sorry darlin
Me: Oh well. I guess I'm used to it :( this happens regularly man
Mckenna: hahaha I'll "accidentaly" call you soon.
Me: fine.

Trying on wedding dresses:
 [Emilee and Cassidy are both zipping the dress up]

Me: I'm not even sucking in with this one
Emilee: Well maybe you should! I'm getting blisters!

sad huh? hah
In the Burger King drive through:

Mom: Emilee, what do you want honey?
Emilee: Well, they don't have light lemonade, so I guess I'll just get...water
Mom: Okay can we get one Ice water.
(while waiting for our food)
Emilee: They're probably gonna give me a little tiny cup. They ALWAYS do that. Mom will you ask them what size it is?
Mom: (to the BK Worker) What size is the water?
(BK worker shows us the cup)
Mom: Is that good Emilee?
Emilee: Oh my! That's the kids size. Seriously (Mimicking the fast food restaurants everywhere) 'can I get a Diet Coke?' 'Would you like a Biggie or extra Biggie?' ...'Can I get a water?' 'Would you like a Extra Small or Extra Extra Small?' This is why America is Fat!!

Cassidy: What is in the guys hair!?
We all look ahead of us
Me: Is that a napkin??
Mom: (laughing) No! That's a toupe  (sp?)


Cassidy: I'm so sad I failed my Audit
Emilee: Mom, Cassidy let Timmy Drown!
Me: Who the heck is Timmy?
Cassidy: a Dummy at work (she's a lifeguard)
(all of us laughing)
Mom: You said that WAY too casually
Emilee: Well it's okay, yesterday she made up for it by giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to an ant.
Me: What?
Emilee: yeah, She put it in the hot tub and then felt bad so got it out with the net thing
Cassidy: I'm the one that put it in there! I just kept remembering. I knew it was small but I still remembered, 30:2!
Emilee: She was freaking out and wanted to save it
Cassidy: yeah and then I sprayed Victoria's Secret Perfume on it.
(we were all laughing hysterically for about 20 minutes)


Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

Amazing! I am so glad that you have all that written down, it is PRICELESS!!!

Keara said...

Haha I like Emilee's water one.

brittany michelle said...

oh my goodness. emilee is way too funny!

fivewalkers said... the me "Natalie"? Cuz I don't remember saying that....