Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today while at work,
I received a call from Ernesto,
15 minutes before I was supposed to get off work.

Here is about how the conversation went down:

Him: "Hey, I'm probably not going to be getting off work on time tonight."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "because, there was an explosion in one of the apartment complex's. The one that we just left 15 minutes ago."

[he does maitenance at apartments...he also had nothing to do with this explosion. He was painting some walls in an empty unit when he was there]

Me: "What!? how!?"
Him: "I don't know what happened, but people got hurt. I saw a little kid run out with his flesh burned off"
Me: "oh my gosh!"
Him: "yeah I have to go. it's crazy here, but I love you. I'll talk to you later"

I was freaking out at this point and I had a hard time focusing on my job.
I almost started crying on the drive home.
Especially because I couldn't get ahold of anyone in my family.

When Ernesto finally called me back,
He explained to me that they think there might have been a gas leak, but they weren't sure about the cause.
He said that there were a couple people life flighted to the hospital and that there were only a couple of units that had been affected.

I calmed down a little after that.

I can't believe how lucky Ernesto was.
If he hadn't left the apartment when he did,
he could have been injured.
If he had gone BACK like he had been planning to,
He could have been injured.

I know that wasn't just coincedence.
I know he was being protected.
I know that the Lord watches over us.
That is proof.

Please pray for that mother and her son that were taken to the hospital.
I can't even imagine.

I just had to let off some of my thoughts.
That is all :)

**UPDATE: they found the reason for the fire. The little boy was playing with matches while his mom was asleep. The explosion was probably from all of the pressure.**

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