Friday, October 23, 2009

Nothing's Coincidence.

I have ANOTHER story to tell.
haha well, I'm going to tell it anyway.

So for the past few months I have really been struggling with money.
(as most of us are...because of this ridiculous economy)
At one point I had three jobs,
yet I was still not making enough to pay all of my bills.

I decided about a month ago that I was really going to crack down and find a way to get a GOOD, SUFFICIENT, RELIABLE job that paid enough for all of the things I needed.

One day,
after doing my daily scan of all of Intermountain Health Cares job openings, I came across a CNA job in Labor and Delivery and a CNA job in Maternity. Both at the hospital I delivered at.

Side Note:
Some of you may know,
that since I was young I have always dreamed of working in the womans center of the hospital.
For a while I wanted to become a nurse, but decided after working as a CNA for about a year, that I liked what CNA's did better.

I have always DREAMED of working in the womans center.
getting a job in there however, is FAR from easy.
EVERYONE wants that job.

back to my story.

I came across these openings.
Quickly, I applied for both of them, but continued looking for other jobs.
I never really got my hopes up too high, because I have applied for other jobs at IHC and all of them have told me that they found someone else.

In the meantime, all of my attempts to find a job were failing miserabely.
I had an interview from time to time, but never got further than that.
(I have NEVER in my life had such a hard time finding a job.)

So on Fast sunday, October 11th,
I made finding a job the main point of my fast.

Later that day, my mom informed me that SHE was also fasting for me to help me find a job. I was so grateful to her for that...and I knew how badly she wanted me to find one too..

that night when I went to bed, I again, prayed extra hard that I would find a job.

The next morning,
I woke up and checked my email inbox.

I had a new email.
From Intermountain Health Care,
Telling me that they would like to interview me for the CNA position in the Maternity unit.

I was in complete shock!
It is beyond difficult to get an interview from IHC, much less for the MATERNITY position!

I had an interview on Wednesday.
I ran upstairs and told my mom about the interview, this whole time thinking how crazy it was that this was happening just the day after my fast.

The next day,
I woke up to a phone call.
It was someone from the Labor and Deliver unit asking me if I was interested in coming in for an interview. I immediately responded and was scheduled for an interview on Thursday.

I went to my interview on Wednesday (for the Maternity unit) and there were about 9 other people interviewing for the same job. When I saw this, the excitement that I might have a new job almost completely diminished. I was competing against 9 other people...I had a 1 in 9 chance I was going to get this job. great.

So, for the next hour and I half I forced myself out of my comfort zone and did everything in my power to stand out. The group interview was first and I worked HARD on standing out.

Next were the one on one interviews.
After they asked me a number of intense questions,
The converseation went something like this.

Interviewers: "Okay, do you have any questions for us?"

Me: "well, no but I just want you to know that have not wanted a job so badly in my life. If you hire me, I won't let you down. I have wanted a job in the womans center since I was a little kid and I won't let you down."

Interviewers: "wow, that is good to know. (smile) this is going to be a very difficult choice."

Me: "I think everyone there is great...I love your staff, I had a baby there a year ago and they were great to me. I love the doctors and I know I would do great with this job."

After the interview finally ended, I got in the car and could not believe some of the things I said. "I have wanted this job since I was a little kid..."? and I told them that I had a baby there. That's great.

I can honestly say I have never tried so hard in my entire life to get someone to choose me for something. I have never tried so hard to make myself look good or to make other people think I was better than someone else. IT WORE ME OUT!

the next day I went in for my interview for Labor and Delivery.
I was quite nervous for this one and became even more so when the interviewer said "There were 130 applicants. We only chose 10 to interview so I would like to congratulate you all for being here."

WOW..I was lucky. I KNEW I didn't qualify like these other people. They were all actually MAJORING in nursing or SOMETHING of that sort...and then there is ME who is majoring in Social work.

I felt a lot more confident after this interview.
I felt like there was a chance I would actually get it! was the waiting period.
and oh how much I anticipated it.
I even had a dream the other night that I was anticipating the job...and even in my DREAM I didn't find out if I got it.

yesterday I finally called them to find out if they had made a decision.
The person I was directed to wasn't I left a message. was getting ready to go give a Presentation at a high school about adoption with Andrea...when my phone rang.

My stomach leaped when I noticed the first three numbers...which were IHC numbers.

I answered, just expecting them to tell me that I did not get the job.
Here is (about) how the conversation went:
Me: "Hello?"

Caller: "Is this Andrea?"

Me: "Yes" (trying really hard not to sound discouraged)

Caller: "I this is ____[I can't remember he name]from the intermountain health care recruitment office. I am calling for Nina because she is out sick."

Me: "Oh Hi." (still trying to sound somewhat friendly)

Caller: "I am just wondering if you are still interested in the CNA position for the Maternity Unit?"

**a pause of complete astonishment**

Me: "YES!" I said it almost TOO excitedly

Caller: "great! I was just calling to let you know that we would love to have you join our team then."

Me: (I could have started crying now of compelete joy) "No way! Oh my gosh you have NO idea how excited I am! Thank you!"

Caller: (Laughing) "well I'm happy to hear how enthusiastic you are"

Me: "You have no idea!"

The call went on with her explaining to me what I needed to do and when I would start.

after getting off the phone I flew upstairs to tell my mom and texted my entire family.
I still haven't heard back from Labor and Delivery, but I don't care anymore! :)


I am a CNA and a Case Manager.
I will be spending a majority of my life in the womans center. :-)

My Testimony on Fasting has just been stregnthened.
My prayers were answered...and quite quickly.

Nothing is coincedence.
and here comes another Rainbow after the storm <3

I start Monday. :)


Chelsey Cutler said...

That is awesome Andee!! Congratulations!

Cory and Becca said...

congrats! great news!!! :)

Lechelle said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!!

That is fantastic news. I am so happy for you. You will be perfect.

Rick & Liz said...

EEE! I just got chills all over! I'm so excited for you! The power of fasting really is amazing. Gosh I'm so happy that you get to be doing this at this time in your life. So darn cool! Congrats Andee!

Ashley Bennion said...

I am so excited for you Andee - Maybe if I keep my SLC dr you will be my CNA one day when we have another baby - Love you and miss you!

Heidi said...


Katie BQ said...

That is so wonderful!! Congrats! (and great story)

Queen Mama said...

First CONGRATS! I have never fasted, with everything going on. I need to try. What is it exactly?

Que and Brittany are adopting a baby boy! said...

This is wonderful! Congratulations!

Andee said...


"To fast is to go without food and drink voluntarily for a certain period of time. Fasting combined with sincere prayer can strengthen us spiritually, bring us closer to God, and help us prepare ourselves and others to receive His blessings."

It is usually opened and closed with prayer.

for more information, you can go here:

Mrs. Black said...

YAY! Great news Andee! I know you are going to be fabulous!

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy for you. That is such an answer to prayers.

Krystal said...

Andee, I am so excited for you! That is great news indeed! Just now as I was reading this I thought to myself "I need to pray for Andee to get that job tonight"... but your prayers were already answered and you DID get the job. I have no doubt that you will be amazing at it! Congratulations!

Queen Mama said...

You are so insightful.