Monday, August 15, 2011

FSA Conference

We Attended the Families Support Adoption Conference this weekend.
It was fun!

We spent most of the time with Andrea and it's always fun to catch up with her.
Another awesome suprise was running in to Tysons case worker from when he was in Foster Care!
We had a really good long talk.

My husband is so amazing.
I'm always so in Awe at how incredible he has turned out after living the life he's lived.
I'm so lucky :)

I'm so so bad at this lately,
and I didn't take any pictures.

I took a total of ONE and it was this:

An adoptive mother gave me this Binky, because she thought Kali was the little one I placed for adoption.
But you know,
I AM her birthmom!


It was a really good experience.
I always love those conferences.
and I love Andrea.
I always feel so lucky after talking to her.
I don't think there is anyone else out there that I would connect with as well as I do with Andrea.
I seriously can talk to her about anything. 

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Angee said...

I totally want one of those binkies!!!! :) But in blue for our baby boy coming in December. :)