Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Midterms. CHECK

I just turned in my last midterm today.
{insert sigh of Relief!}

Now...3 more days until SPRING BREAK!
I can't wait.
It's gonna be relaxing.

All I'll be doing is work.
Maybe I'll have time to clean my room?

I would like to thank Andrea for my new blog...
she spent like 2 hours helping me make three columns
(well...more like doing it FOR me)
Whatdya think?

oh and uh,
I'm gonna be...
blogging more.


Amanda said...

I love the new blog!

Andrea said...

You're welcome! It turned out great.

brittany michelle said...

yeah, i really like this layout, too!

Lechelle said...

Andrea, come over to my house and help me make 3 columns.

I love it Andee!

DanyaLynd said...

Ummm, jealous! I want 3 columns!!!

Andrea said...

Here's the link for the 3 column instructions.


Just make sure you follow them EXACTLY and it should work just great.

Anonymous said...

Andee i just want to let you no how much i love you and how much i stile do look up to you i no we have fought more lately then ever but i love you so much you are so amazing i love you so much!!!