Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dr. Laura

I love this Woman

Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
Ever heard of her?

She has a "talk show" I guess is what you could call it.
She 'gives advice'
I agree with her on about 99% of the things she says.

She is a very very wise woman.

I was on her show once.

I called her when I was pregnant.
Of course it was back when I didn't know Dustin and Andrea very well.
I had probably met them like two months prior to calling her.

My question was How to bring up to Dustin and Andrea how open the adoption was going to be.

Dustin and Andrea get full credit for how open they have allowed this adoption to be,
but Dr. Laura gets the credit for giving me the guts to bring it up to them.

For the record though,
It's a hilarious question now.
I know Dustin and Andrea. If I knew then what I know now,
I would laugh hysterically at myself for calling her with that question.
Dustin and Andrea are easy to talk to.
If I am worried about something or if I have a question,
I just ask them.

Because communication is a HUGE part of it all,
and because Dustin and Andrea were the best choice I ever made.

Moral of the Story:
Dr. Laura is genius, and Communication is Key.

Dustin and Andrea had no idea that I was on Dr. Laura...until now. :)
sorry guys.
It must have slipped my mind.
[no really. it did.]


Mrs. Black said...

Can I just say I think you are awesome?

Andrea said...

Dr. Laura is awesome. I have thought about calling her so many times. Ha ha. I love that you called her :) And I love that we have an open adoption. You are a dear friend.

The Millers said...

I like her too. I have never had an issue with anything she's said on her talk show, although I haven't listened to it very much, just a little here and there.

Lechelle said...

Hilarious. I absolutely love it.

Savannah said...

Cute story. I know I look at your open adoption relationship all the time and hope we can have one just as wonderful.