Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Rainbow after the Storm

For those of you that do not live in Utah, you may not know that it has been pouring rain pretty much this entire month.

We had a couple of nice days this week,
and then today
the rain came back.

I'm NOT a rain fan.
I LOVE the heat.

So it has been driving me crazy at how the summer weather is JUST NOT STAYING!!

But today when it rained,
I miraculously had a different outlook.

It may have had something to do with the fact that I had just had about an hour long talk with Jake's family about adoption.
We talked about the good, the bad, the pain and the blessings that come from adoption...then

Jake and I left his house to go to mine just after another storm had passed, and there was a beautiful rainbow coming out of the clouds.
(unfortunately I did not have my camera with me so these are not my pictures..I found them on google! ;) but this is what it looked like)

That rainbow got me thinking.

I began reflecting back on my experiences this past year. It was a tough road. There were times that I wasn't sure I would make it through another day.....

then I looked at my life today,
and discovered that I am experiencing the rainbow after the storm.

Adoption is not easy.
It's not easy for the Birthparents,
and it's not easy for the adoptive parents,

But it reaps SO many amazing rewards.

I am a different person today because of adoption.
I am grateful for the rain as it is the only thing that can bring rainbows.

Last year has helped me realize that if we are not faced with trials, we cannot appreciate the blessings in our life.

I experienced the pain and heartache in placing Avery so that I could appreciate not only the fact that I can create a child, but so I can appreciate my future children. I cannot WAIT for the day that I am a mom. I have wanted to be a mother my entire life, but I never really understood the blessings that come from it until I experienced adoption.

Through adoption I learned how to love so much it hurts
I learned how to listen to the Spirit.
I learned how to rely on the Lord for strength.
I learned to appreciate family
I learned how incredibly painful infertility can be.

Through experiencing the death of a loved one
I discovered what I want in a husband
I learned to savor every moment with every person in your never know when it will be the last.
I learned that placing beautiful Avery isn't the worst thing that could least she is ALIVE and HEALTHY.

I am blessed.

And my life right now is truly the rainbow after the storm.
I am so grateful for this Gospel.
Without it,
I would be no where.

I am grateful for the trials I have experienced.
without them,
I wouldn't understand how incredibly blessed I am today.

and I am very blessed.


Emilee Demie said...

wow Andee you have me crying! This is amazing!

Rachelle said...

Such a beautiful post andee. brought tears to my eyes. wishing you lots more moments like this. xoxo

Andrea said...

I love the analogy. What a beautiful post.

Coley said...

Such an awesome analogy and reminds me of one of my favorite quotes - "Without rain there would be no rainbows."

Krista Eger said...

So this is the chain of things that led me to this post, just so you're not confused. I was first looking at pictures of Avery and I wanted to find that picture of her birth father again since he said her eyes are like his and you could see them so well in that picture of her on the latest post. Anyway, so I came across the 2009 in review post and ended up clicking on a bunch of those links that led me to this post. Ok, now that you understand why I am commenting on such an old post, I wanted to show you this picture:!/photo.php?pid=7634863&id=540160153
(and the ones in my facebook right around it) that were taken ON June 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!! I uploaded them the day we took them! AND to add to it, that was the COOLEST rainbow I ever remember seeing because when we were driving, it was actually showing up on the road too! SO it actually started to round out into a circle more. That is incredibly hard to explain, but you know how most rainbows are a half circle, well this one was almost a whole circle! It was so crazy!