Friday, June 5, 2009

Girls Night!

Cassidy, Me, BreeAnn, Emilee
(I look like a hunchback in this picture. hahaha)

my sisters and I had a girls night out.
We went to Chilis. It was SOO good considering it was my first meal since I started this diet!!
(I can only have 800 calories a's hard to go out to eat when that's the case!)
It was a lot of fun and after we ate we went shopping.

I haven't been shopping FOREVER!!
I have only gone once since I had Avery and I got two pairs of pants
(courtesy of Dustin and Andrea. They gave me a gift certificate to buckle for Christmas. LOVE THEM)

So needless to say I was lacking in the shirt department. It was awesome.
My sisters ROCK. They seriously found me two way cute shirts...I love them.

After that,
we went to my sister BreeAnn's house to watch a movie.
her husband is out of town, so she wanted to stay busy.
It was a super fun night.


if you didn't notice..I chose to dye my hair blonde!
What d'ya think?
more people voted blonde, and I kinda missed it.


I've lost 6 pounds on this diet so far.


Andrea said...

What a fun night. Your hair looks super cute. Have fun on your date tonight ;)

Mae AJ and Conner said...

how fun.. I wish I could have come.
Good luck on your date tonight and you have to tell me all about it Monday ......

Rick & Liz said...

Love the hair! And way to go on the diet Andee! That is so great! Girls night at Chilis is one of my favs! Looks like you guys had lots of fun :)

Mandy said...

i just want you to know your blog is like.. the freakin most popular thing i've ever seen and i feel priveledged to have met you and LIVED with you even. WAHOOOOAAAAAAAA!

miss you