Friday, June 12, 2009


So I have FINALLY finished one of the goals on my list!!

haha it's taking FOREVER to get one done..especially since I keep going back and forth between goals.

But I am very pleased to announce that I have succeeded with item...
#50 -- Contact someone I have lost touch with.

When I chose this as a goal I had a specific person in mind. Her name is Lacey.

We were best friends all through Junior High, but we stopped talking during the summer of our freshman and sophomore year due to a petty little fight.

Since graduation, especially this year, I have REALLY wanted to know what's been going on in her life. I haven't talked to her since that silly summer day and I have really wanted to know how she is doing! That sad thing was that no matter WHAT I did I had no idea how to contact her.
I did everything I could think of to try and find her..I even looked her up in the phonebook!!

After looking her up on facebook, and failing miserably I decided to make that a goal.


Actually, I have to thank her for that.
It kind of just fell into my lap.

SHE found ME on facebook and I about FREAKED OUT when I realized who it was that had added me.

I have finally finished a goal..and I'm about a week away from finishing #13.

wanna know that craziest part?? She is married with a baby girl now!!
wow how fast life seems to go.

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Andrea said...

Congrats! That's awesome you were able to reconnect with her. Lets get the mario kart one checked off your list :)