Sunday, January 18, 2009

The wonderful world of college...

This is me and my roomates (p2) at the Basketball game

It was a pretty intense game, but because Aggies rock, we won!

we were all stoked about it, and when the game was over, we walked back to our apartment...
sadly when we got there we were locked out of our apartment. when we all left, we locked the door thinking one of us had a key..
Unfortunately that was not the case..

We sat around trying to figure out what to do, since housing was closed, and we were NOT about to sleep outside.....

Then this lovely girl came and tried to open it with a card.

sadly. She failed.

Then comes our HOME TEACHER joseph, who thankfully lives next door...

He as well, attempted to open it with a credit card, and he also failed.

Then comes this guy. There is the card that ALWAYS works...

He attempted...and it WORKED!!

This is what happens in College.

oh and P.S...I came to the game in a red shirt because I didn't have a utah state shirt yet....
So I decided to go fill out the mastercard paper, to get a free shirt.
it was gray but it was a Utah state shirt regardless

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