Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I wish

"Tell them that they're entitled to their belief, but that I know what I know and that nothing they do or say will change it" -- Lance

I just finished talking to a guy about the church
I was pretty upset when I finally ended the conversation because of some of the things he was saying.
How can someone have such hard feelings towards the church?

I then started talking to Lance about it.
he said that he had people say things to him like that all the time on his mission
(he came home just 6 weeks ago)

I really wanted so badly to just prove this guy wrong, but Lance finally explained that there is nothing we can do with people like that. He said he tried to at first, but realized that there is nothing we can say or do to change minds of people like that. It is up to them.

This guy I was talking to kept saying things like

"you feel that way based on false information, fake experiences, and lies founded by someone who was completely untrustworthy"

WHAT????? No, I feel this way based on experiences this past year that I couldn't have gotten through without the gospel. I feel this way based on how I felt in the hospital with Avery. Based on how extremely calm I felt when signing relinquishment papers. Based on Family. Based on the overwhelming feeling I felt when I met Dustin and Andrea.
I wouldn't have gotten through any of this without the gospel. It kills me when people don't feel the same way. I wish they did.
and on top of the whole adoption,
I wouldn't have gotten through Keltsons death. He died two weeks before Avery was born. I wouldn't have lived without the gospel and knowing I will see him again. I wouldn't have gotten through anything without the priesthood blessings I received.

I wish he understood.
I wish everyone understood.

I love this gospel.


Dustin and Andrea said...

You amaze me. Thank you for being so strong and for having the testimony you have. We are all blessed because of your strength and conviction in the priesthood and the gospel. The spirit is real and is evident in our lives. Avery's adoption confirmed everything I already knew. What a blessing and miraculous experience it was. I'm so glad we could share it with you. I love you Andee. Keep standing up for what you know is right. Other people can make it frustrating, but just remember how blessed you are to have it.

Jamie said...

Andee, you never cease to amaze me. You are one of the strongest people I know. I have been touched by the spirit through you and the experiences that you willingly share. You are such a great example and have had and continue to have a great influence on others. Thank you for sharing your testimony. There is no way I can doubt God's love, grace and ability to provide miracles when I feel the spirit of your testimony. I love you!

Rebecca said...

It sometimes feels like a losing battle, doesn't it? Words never change anyone's convictions. The words must be accompanied by their desire to change. I guess the best thing we can do is live and love the gospel and hope our example helps those who DO have the desire. Keep up the good work! You're great, Andee!!