Sunday, April 22, 2012


I know I've been MIA lately,
and I'd like to blame that on the worlds most pathetic computer that ever existed.
Aka, a PC.

Currently however, I'm on my moms Mac and THIS computer is the bomb.
So since I have this opportunity, I would like to just write and make everyone (or the one person) who still reads this blog aware, that I have not abandoned it.

I still very much want to keep updating,
it's just been hard since our computer has been broken for what feels like an eternity...and I will only tolerate how completely annoying it is about once a month when I update my personal blog...which on that computer takes double the time it takes to update from a normal computer.

So I'm sorry.
I'm still absolutely in love with adoption.
I still strongly believe it's the most incredible option in the world.
and I still have a very open Adoption with Avery, Dustin and Andrea.

I am so glad I made the decision and whenever I even think about Avery,
I feel so much peace in my heart.

So I hope that others can still come to this blog and receive the comfort their searching for whether it's about placement or adopting.

on another note I just want to make a promise to Avery, in writing, that I will NEVER let her down. I want her to grow up being proud of the woman I've become and I want her to see that although I made the decision to have premarital sex, I was able to make it right. I brought her into this world. She didn't have a choice and I hope that she knows that I placed her for adoption because I KNEW it would give her an eternal family and give her the life that she still wouldn't have if I had chosen to parent her.

 I am married now, but it doesn't take away from the fact that she would not only have one father if I had chosen to parent, but she would have two. and she would have to be juggling between the both of them, using up her weekends to visit the one she wasn't living with. I love Avery SO much.

 I promise you Avery that I will show you how you can bring the atonement into your life and I promise you that I will only make you proud of who I am. I will not disappoint you. I love you!!


Jessica Nejatifar said...

I love your blogging Andee!

Shonnie said...

I found you via the Birthmothers for Adoption blog...I am a birthmom as well. Thanks for sharing :)