Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad Dream

I was planning on updating this blog WAYY more than I have been.

Life has been BUSY getting ready for baby and all!

Last week,
I took a nap.
 (I've been doing it more frequently lately due to a passing out episode I had a couple weeks ago)

and I had a bad dream..about Avery.
It's been a long time since I even had a dream about her.
But this was a bad dream. I HATE those so much.

After waking up from it, ALL I could think about was that dream.
I missed her so much.
You know how when you have a bad dream about someone, you feel like you have to see them just to make sure it wasn't true?

that's what this was like.
I cried everytime that dumb dream came to my mind.

Finally I texted Andrea and asked if there was a way I could come visit them for a couple of I could put my fears at ease.

She said that I could and she would text me when they got home.
About two hours later,
She called me and asked if I just wanted them to come over to my house because they were already out this way.

And they did!
They came here and were here for about an hour or so.
I am SOO grateful for them. It meant more to me than I can express.
I LOVE open adoption.

It makes things so much better.
The SECOND I saw Avery I forgot all about the dream and didn't think about it again.

It's so wierd how big she is getting.

While they were there I observed something.
Unless you KNOW Avery is adopted,
you'd never guess.
She looks a lot like Dustin and Andrea it's so crazy.

They just 'fit' together so well.
I love seeing that.
It's SO obvious they were meant for each other.
It's SO obvious that Avery always was and always will be THEIRS.

When she was here, she was introduced to all of the animals my parents have...haha
Bird, Dog and Snake.

She kept holding the bird..and then she would get nervous and want me to take him off...and then she'd want him again. It was so funny.

She even sat by the Snakes cage with her head right next to it, and when my brother took it out, she went to grab it!

She is definitely very outgoing. NOT SHY at all.