Friday, May 7, 2010

Not meant to be...

FIRST of all,
I would like to announce that Dustin and Andrea were finally approved to Adopt again!

Spread the word!
You can find their profile HERE!

I'm so excited for this!

Okay now on to what this post is for:

Last night, I worked until 11.
My mom called me at about 9 and wanted to know if I could stay up until 2:30 to pick up my little brothers because they were going to the midnight showing of Ironman 2 and she had to wake up early. 

I agreed to this and then I texted a VERY good friend of mine to see if he could do something with me until then. He agreed and that was the plan.

By the time I met up with him After work it was about midnight. I told him I was hungry. I know that eating late is SUPER unhealthy, but I was STARVING. I had been working all day. So I suggested that we should go get food at village inn. They're open late right?

He agreed. So we drove to Village inn and as we were walking in the door, the employees were walking out. It closed at Midnight. What the Heck!??! Since when!?
We decided to see if IHOP was still open.

They weren't

we decided to try Wendys.
We pulled into the drive through and I began looking at the menu.
I found what I wanted and it looked SUPER good.
We were about to order when the lady came on the microphone and said
"sorry, we're closed."

I was SOO mad.
I wanted those Chicken Fingers!!

So, after thinking about it,
We decided to go to Mcdonalds.

I don't like Mcdonalds.
The only thing there that I eat are their snack wraps.
BUT I know they're open for 24 hours.

we drove to Mcdonalds and pulled into the drive through.
the guy came on the Microphone and asked if he could take our order.

I was about to order when he came back on and said
"Oh, before I take your order, we are currently only taking cash. is that okay?" It wasn't okay.
I was MAD!!


apparantly it wasn't meant to be.
But I didn't care.

I was hungry.
we decided to try Burger King.
When we got to the drive through for the place,
the lights were on.

After about 30 seconds of sitting there,
the lights all turned off.

At this point, 
we were laughing really hard. 
we were driving all over the valley to get food...this was getting ridiculous

we decided to try ONE more place. 
We went to a diffrerent Mcdonalds.

they were open and both cash AND cards were being accepted!

At least that bought some time right? 
and we had fun.


Krista Eger said...

OH my gosh Andee that is hilarious!!!!!!!! And frustrating! Kinda makes you want to go to NYC right?? ;) Where the city never sleeps!
Try living in St. George where nothing is open past 8! Phil and I both worked nights so we were always up late!
I guess you're too afraid to go to Denny's now huh..cause they're open 24-7!
PS I'm SO excited that Dustin and Andrea were finally approved! WOOHOO!!! I hope Avery can get a little brother or sister soon! :D :D :D And I hope she's not like Nate. He gets really mad when I hold babies! I'm a little nervous for October, but every kid his age is like that. I'll have to get some good advice on how to deal with it. He also started freaking out at my prenatal appt. yesterday when they tried to find the baby's heartbeat. He started hitting me. I don't think he liked the sound.

Andrea said...

Thanks Andee! That's way funny about the food. By the way, you look gorgeous in that picture.

Blake and BreeAnn said...

A very good "friend" huh!? Hahahaha cute pictue, you guys look realllllly good together...just so ya know :D

deannalynnc said...

I love those times with friends where everything isn't working out at all and at first you are sooooo mad and then it just gets funny! I'm glad you did finally find a place that was open AND accepted cards. :-) Very cute picture of you and your friend. :-D

Michelle said...

OMG! At least you passed the time until you had to get your brother! LOL!

Hilarie said...

That is CRAZY, but what a fun story you have, now!

Karine said...
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Karine said...

Hey Andee, that is so wonderful about Andrea and Dustin. Have them email me if they would like to be on my hopeful adoptive couples list ... :) with their link plz :)

You sound like one fun person! Wish you lived closer... would be fun to get to know you better!

brittany michelle said...

ha ha ha! i just did that last week in logan, and i really do NOT like mcdonald's, but that was the only option. lol.