Thursday, June 24, 2010


I only put one on my facebook.
But I like my blog more than facebook.

So I'm putting a couple more on here.

Here is an engagement picture Sneak Peek. :)

We already chose the announcement pictures.
So the announcement pictures aren't on here...

Isn't my fiance hot?
I can't get enough of him.


Today while at work,
I received a call from Ernesto,
15 minutes before I was supposed to get off work.

Here is about how the conversation went down:

Him: "Hey, I'm probably not going to be getting off work on time tonight."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "because, there was an explosion in one of the apartment complex's. The one that we just left 15 minutes ago."

[he does maitenance at apartments...he also had nothing to do with this explosion. He was painting some walls in an empty unit when he was there]

Me: "What!? how!?"
Him: "I don't know what happened, but people got hurt. I saw a little kid run out with his flesh burned off"
Me: "oh my gosh!"
Him: "yeah I have to go. it's crazy here, but I love you. I'll talk to you later"

I was freaking out at this point and I had a hard time focusing on my job.
I almost started crying on the drive home.
Especially because I couldn't get ahold of anyone in my family.

When Ernesto finally called me back,
He explained to me that they think there might have been a gas leak, but they weren't sure about the cause.
He said that there were a couple people life flighted to the hospital and that there were only a couple of units that had been affected.

I calmed down a little after that.

I can't believe how lucky Ernesto was.
If he hadn't left the apartment when he did,
he could have been injured.
If he had gone BACK like he had been planning to,
He could have been injured.

I know that wasn't just coincedence.
I know he was being protected.
I know that the Lord watches over us.
That is proof.

Please pray for that mother and her son that were taken to the hospital.
I can't even imagine.

I just had to let off some of my thoughts.
That is all :)

**UPDATE: they found the reason for the fire. The little boy was playing with matches while his mom was asleep. The explosion was probably from all of the pressure.**

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I blame him!

It's funny.
I've really had a hard time blogging lately.

You can't blame me though.
I'm planning my wedding and all of my free time consists of...Ernesto.
I don't have TIME to blog!

I have to say though,
I was telling him tonight about all the bad luck that I had when I was dating.
and remembered,
for the second time since he came home,
WHY I had such luck.

I didn't date one decent guy since Before Kris.
(and I started dating Kris right before Ernesto left on his mission) 

I will just give you the first letters of their names while I tell this story...since these are not good things,
but I will go into a little detail of the history.

L-- The first guy I dated after Avery was born. She was four months old. We dated for approximately 3 weeks.  My roomates, specifically ONE, HATED him. I couldn't figure out why at first, but quickly realized what kind of guy he was and broke it off. The way he treated me afterwards wasn't what I would call nice. I ended up crying because of it, but quickly realized he wasn't worth it and moved on.

J-- He was very soon after L. We became pretty serious. I thought I was in love with him. We went ring shopping on the 4th of July, then, on the 5th of July (my birthday), he Broke up with me. I was COMPLETELY heartbroken.  He was the first guy I've ever had break up with me and I don't think that helped the situation at all.  However, now that I look back at it, I realize I only dated him because I wanted to be married. I thought that once I was married, dealing with Avery would be easier.  I realized a few months after we broke up that this was not true. I also realize now that I was DEFINITELY not in love with him. Not even close. He wasn't my type, and he has his priorities messed up. I feel sorry for him, but I hope that one day he can figure it out. I really do.

A-- After J, I quit dating. I was done with guys and planned on just never dating again. I didn't want a boyfriend. I knew that one day I wanted to be a mom, but for about 8 months, I didn't think it was worth the pain. I went on a few blind dates here and there, but never really made an effort with them. Then, one day my aunt said some things that made me decide that I should probably start dating again...even if I wasn't ready to get married, dating was the only way I would find my future husband when the time was right.  SO, I put myself out on the market. A, was the first guy I started dating after this.  I kept telling him that I didn't want anything serious, but he didn't get the hint. I told him that I wanted to date other people, but he still didn't get the hint...THEN, the day before Ernesto came home from his mission...was the day I found out he was coming home.  A asked me if he should be worried, since Ernesto was an Ex and immediately my response was "NO!" I didn't think there was anything there between me and him anymore so I seriously didn't think he had anything to worry about.  Obviously I was wrong. A didn't take it well. I didn't end things very well with him, but I know that he is find now so it's okay :)

I'm sure you're wondering why I tell you this.
Ernesto told me that while he was on his mission, he prayed that I wouldn't get married while he was out. He PRAYED for this. I blame HIM for my bad luck while he was gone. Seriously. I BLAME HIM!!

He's sitting here,
waiting for me to stop typing cause he wants to cuddle.
SO please excuse me,
I would like to cuddle with my future husband.

Blame him for my bad luck these last two years.
Because it's seriously ALL HIS FAULT!!!!


It's okay though.
Cause in the end, he was worth it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm slow...I know

Sorry ...I know I take forever to blog lately.

So we're getting married August 20th.

We seriously considered waiting until next summer...but then I decided that's stupid.
I don't want this extravagant wedding.
I just want to get it over with.

I HATE planning weddings.
They're WAY too stressful thanks :)

Then we thought maybe we'd wait until like October or November.
That's about as long as I think engagements should be.

I don't want it to be cold!
August is the warmest month here in Utah.
I want a backyard reception.

we're doing it in August.
for the right reasons.
If he had come home from his mission in January,
The wedding would have STILL been in the summer.
July or August.
Just so you all know.

We're getting married in the Salt Lake temple.
That is also something that took us a while to decide on.

It was originally Oquirrh Mountin Temple...
But my whole life I've imagined myself getting married in the Salt lake Temple.
and Ernesto doesn't care either way.

So we changed it :)
I'm Just SOO thankful that we CAN get married in the Temple.
It's a goal that I've had since I was a little girl.
That will NOT change.
It's important to us both and it will stay that way!

I know a lot have asked for a picture of us.
I put one up a couple of posts before...but none of you knew that was him!!

I'll add some others.

We tried playing in the rain a couple of days ago.
That's what these are from.

(Sorry...this one is kinda blurry)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

May - Funny Converstions

This is a little late!
ha but it's better late than never right!?

Ernesto: Hello?
Me: Hi are you on your way yet?
Ernesto: Are you guys ready for us already?
Me: Yeah, it will be ready in like 10 minutes
Ernesto: Okay we're just leaving the couch.
Me: ....The couch?
Ernesto: Yes
Me: (Laughing) You're just leaving the couch. You're not just leaving the house, you're leaving the couch.
Ernesto: (also laughing)(to someone else) No, she's laughing at me (to me) We have to stop at the bank and then we'll be there.
Natalie: (yelling so they can hear) Hurry up losers!
Me: Natalie says hurry up...but I'm not going to say what she called you cause it was rude.

Through text:

Me: Mckenna! Happy Birthday!
Mckenna (who just turned 12): Thank you!
Me: I wanna take you out for this. When the Heck are you free?
Mckenna: Idk i'm pretty booked. lol I know a lot of people. maybe next week
Me: hahaha you're pretty booked? I feel honored to know you. about next tuesday?
Mckenna: Fo SHO! After school?
Me: Sounds good! What time are you done with school?
Mckenna: I get home about three
Me: Okay let's do...four or five?
Mckenna: okay
Me: You ARE aware that you just Butt called me right?
Mckenna: no i am not lol sorry darlin
Me: Oh well. I guess I'm used to it :( this happens regularly man
Mckenna: hahaha I'll "accidentaly" call you soon.
Me: fine.

Trying on wedding dresses:
 [Emilee and Cassidy are both zipping the dress up]

Me: I'm not even sucking in with this one
Emilee: Well maybe you should! I'm getting blisters!

sad huh? hah
In the Burger King drive through:

Mom: Emilee, what do you want honey?
Emilee: Well, they don't have light lemonade, so I guess I'll just get...water
Mom: Okay can we get one Ice water.
(while waiting for our food)
Emilee: They're probably gonna give me a little tiny cup. They ALWAYS do that. Mom will you ask them what size it is?
Mom: (to the BK Worker) What size is the water?
(BK worker shows us the cup)
Mom: Is that good Emilee?
Emilee: Oh my! That's the kids size. Seriously (Mimicking the fast food restaurants everywhere) 'can I get a Diet Coke?' 'Would you like a Biggie or extra Biggie?' ...'Can I get a water?' 'Would you like a Extra Small or Extra Extra Small?' This is why America is Fat!!

Cassidy: What is in the guys hair!?
We all look ahead of us
Me: Is that a napkin??
Mom: (laughing) No! That's a toupe  (sp?)


Cassidy: I'm so sad I failed my Audit
Emilee: Mom, Cassidy let Timmy Drown!
Me: Who the heck is Timmy?
Cassidy: a Dummy at work (she's a lifeguard)
(all of us laughing)
Mom: You said that WAY too casually
Emilee: Well it's okay, yesterday she made up for it by giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to an ant.
Me: What?
Emilee: yeah, She put it in the hot tub and then felt bad so got it out with the net thing
Cassidy: I'm the one that put it in there! I just kept remembering. I knew it was small but I still remembered, 30:2!
Emilee: She was freaking out and wanted to save it
Cassidy: yeah and then I sprayed Victoria's Secret Perfume on it.
(we were all laughing hysterically for about 20 minutes)