Thursday, April 29, 2010

April: Funny Conversations

I have been thinking and I have decided that I'm going to make one post a month about funny conversations that take place in my life during that month.

My blog needs a little more positivity and I have a hilarious family, with two little brothers that don't go a day with out cracking me up and friends that always make me laugh.

Here goes the first month!
I hope others enjoy it as much as I have!

Me: It seems like there have been a lot of babies named Calvin lately. It's wierd.
Mom: Calvin? that's random.
Me: Yeah
Joey: (to himself) Just like Alvin and the Chipmunks. (To me) Andee, can we go see Alvin and the Chipmunks?
Me: Sorry Joe, Not today.
Joey: Andee, remember that I love you.

Let's just say it was hard to stick with "no" after that...



Casey: Joey! Stop it! I don't like that.
Joey: Yeah but I like it.
Casey: But I don't Joey!
Joey: Well do it to me then...
Casey: NO!
*Joey does whatever he is doing to him again*
Casey: JOEY! Stop! How many times do I have to tell you to stop?
Joey: mmm...5 more times.


(They bought Marbles with the $1 each of them had)

Joey: Casey! Your stink breaths.
Casey: Then don't smell it.
*2 minutes later I hear gagging*
Me: Are you okay Joey?
Joey: Tell Casey to stop breathing on me.
*5 minutes later*
Casey: OW! Joey you just hit me with your Marbles.
Joey: Sorry Casey
Casey: Stop hitting me with your marbles


Me: (Answering my phone) Hello?
Mom: Hi, (trying to control her laughing) Dad said that he would rather stab himself in the eye with a hot iron then go to ****** (blocked out for a reason)
Me: (laughing) Why?
Mom: I guess he just really doesn't want to go.
Me: haha okay...

G: Opa, How do you get a guy to leave you alone?
Opa: Buy yourself a gun.

Alex (text from him):  What are you up to?
Me: I'm taking my Opa on his Errands
Alex: Tell him I say Hi.
Me (to my Opa): Alex says hi
Opa: Alex who?
Me: just a guy I'm dating
Opa: A guy you're dating?? Do I know him?
Me: No.
Opa: He's crazy.
Me (to alex): He says you're crazy
Hope your month was filled with awesome conversations like me! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

I love Tax Day.

Here is Why:

Two years ago yesterday (Tax Day),
I met Dustin and Andrea for the first time EVERR.

We went to cafe rio yesterday to Celebrate.
I can't BELIEVE how big Avery is getting.

When I got there and was walking in,
Andrea and Avery were walking in too and Andrea stopped and said
"Avery who is that?"
and right away Avery replied

I LOVE that Avery knows who I am.
I LOVE that she can say my name
(she is even getting better. she sometimes says Anee)

She is talking SOOO much now
she can say "Ciao" when you tell her goodbye.
It's the cutest thing ever!

I am so so grateful to Dustin and Andrea.
They are the reason that Avery knows who I am.

One of the biggest fears I had after placement was that Avery would never remember who I was.
That everytime I would see her,
I would just be a stranger to her.

But that's not how it is at all.
I LOVE Dustin and Andrea for that.
They haven't ever let me down. 

I am so grateful for them
I am so grateful that they were put in my life. 
Yesterday was a great visit
it reminded me of the Blessings I have
it reminded me of the wonderful people that are Avery's parents.

and that is why I love Tax Day.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Remember this post?

I've had a lot of negative comments relating to this specific part:

5. Don't complain about being a mother

I'm sure this goes for adoptive parents too. I know that when the time is right for me to have my own kids, I will be so eternally grateful that I can be their mother. I will cherish every moment with them. So don't complain to me about how hard motherhood is. It's harder to give birth to your child and then willingly relinquish your rights as a mother. Until you have done that, don't complain.

After reading it again, I realize that I put this a little harshly...I do understand that being a mother is an incredibely difficult job. I was not trying to say that I'm better than you because I placed my baby for adoption (obviously not..considering I was in that situation in the first place!) I wasn't trying to say that at ALL...I think I was just a little bothered about someone complaining to me before...but I really did not mean to sound so harsh. I have a lot of respect for mothers...but I'm also VERY envious. That is what I was trying to say.
To Elaborate a little, I want to just give an example of a mother that, has no personal experience with Adoption, yet is still SO grateful to be a mother.

My coworker and friend Krista.

She is a mother of one going on two and she has a blog.
THIS particular post is what I would like to focus on.

This post explains her frustrations.
It's HARD to be a mother.
I understand that.

But there is a difference between letting out your frustrations
vs complaining about being a mother.

I hope this clears thing up.
I hope that those of you that were offended, understand a little better what I meant by this statement.

I also hope that everyone understands that I don't think I'm better than others, including other mothers, because I placed for Adoption.  I didn't mean to sound that way and I definitely do NOT think this about myself. 

Forgive me?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Man....

yes. That's right.
I've got a new man in my life.

because I learned my lesson with the last boy.
The new man...

He's just a dream.

Know who Jensen Ackles is??

He's an Actor.

I've been in love with him since I discovered him.
Keara and I are crossing our fingers that he will be playing Jared 
from Stephanie Meyers book "The Host".

They are making that book into a movie too.

I read that book before I even knew who Jensen Ackles was...
and I gotta tell you,
he is exactly who I imagined as Jared.

I love him.
the other day, 
I discovered this Video:


All I've gotta do now is Send some Missionaries his way. ;) 

I'm in love.